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Cat-v.ORG hosts a series of sites dedicated to diverse subjects that share an idiosyncratic intellectual perspective, questioning orthodoxy and fomenting elitism and high standards in topics from software design to politics, passing by art and journalism and anything else interesting.

Other than total and complete world domination, the overriding goal is to encourage and stimulate critical and independent thinking.

About the server lives on a server running the 9front fork of Plan 9 from Bell Labs.

Most sites run the werc web content management system.

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Comments, suggestions, questions, rants and anything else remotely interesting are all very welcome in the official mailing list:

   echo subscribe | mail

Then send messages to

Archives are available on Plan 9 via 9p (web archives coming soon):


The irc channel #cat-v on is where much discussion, trolling and even work happens.


What people say about

I’m beginning to wonder about wikipedia’s [own] notability. If it’s not mentioned on, it’s not worth knowing about. – Charlie Kester in

It’s single-handedly destroyed my productivity the past 2 evenings. – shatter in #suckless

<SmoothPorcupine> You know, if I knew nothing about computers before today,
                  and I was linked this site, I would probably learn everything I've
                  learned so far and more.
<SmoothPorcupine> Where has this site been all my life?
<SmoothPorcupine> Has it been hopscotching domain names in an attempt to stay hidden?
<SmoothPorcupine> Is there an ongoing bug whereby it is currently available to the public?

<lawful_evil> uriel: your website speaks to my soul

<tomatosalad> holy shit, is the single-most amazing thing I have found in the last year or so

I really apreciate(sic), thanks to you for keeping up the good work. – azerty

Cat-v is a treasure trove. – dx__

Thank you for maintaining, I would be a tenth the programmer I am today if I hadn’t spent so many hours lost in its pages. – Jimmy Frasche (aka soapbox cicero)

(#cat-v) lexszero → this is a great channel. everyone have a pain in the ass because of modern
   technologies, and like to share that pain with everyone.

This site looks as if it was from outer space. I don’t know what to think. –

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